Is FilmRaiser real? = Yes

Fundraising doesn't have to suck any more. : )

And thank you for caring enough to ask.

Seeing movies is so normal and fun—that worn down schools are oftentimes shocked when they discover us—to find out that fundraising can be as exciting as seeing the new Ninjas Vs. Robots sequel. (Not a real movie.. but it should be, right?) 

FilmRaiser will cost you nothing to run—and we collect no payment info. All ticketing goes through a nationally recognized platform like Fandango. And the studio pays us a fee to manage the event across thousands of schools. It's our JOB to keep this program simple and successful for you.

PS. Here’s a link to a school newspaper for our very first event, showing THE MARTIAN. Aren't we adorable... And our other events since then have included THE PEANUTS MOVIE and ICE AGE 5 - all great successes.  

We are indeed quite real.
And we work for you.

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