Tickets are not available online yet?

If online ticket sales in your area have not opened up yet—that is extremely normal, albeit frustrating. Sorry for that. It's totally normal though—movie tickets for new releases aren't generally on sale until just a week before a film opens. Sometimes two weeks early. 

THE GOOD NEWS is that FilmRaiser was designed to mirror normal ticket availability and peoples' natural moviegoing habits:

On a regular weekend, people usually only decide to see a film within hours of the screening. So even by reaching them "late" you will still be way ahead of the curve! Our current sales record is held by a school that only signed up a few days before opening weekend...

Just make sure to create a GUEST LIST—and call/text people directly! They will show up.

ALSO: It's ok send people to early. Anyone you send now can leave an email for a reminder—and when tickets are live, we'll notify them!

PLUS—you can use this early window as an opportunity to get friends and relatives in other cities/states to purchase their tickets now (some cities get much earlier sales)—and sales all across the country will support your cause!

Wishing you great success with this FilmRaiser!! 

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