Fandango doesn't work in our city - can we still participate?

We rely on Fandango's tracking ability to verify ticket purchases...

Regrettably—if the closest movie theater in your city does not sell tickets on Fandango, then their website is only good for finding showtimes in your area...

Perhaps other theaters nearby sell on Fandango? (It's easy to check—just enter your ZIP CODE into the theater search on Fandango's website, and check that you can CLICK ON A SHOWTIME to buy tickets).

OTHERWISE—several incredible organizations are still fundraising successfully with FilmRaiser—by reaching friends & family in other cities to support your cause. Remember your link works almost everywhere in the US

We have a school in Texas that always gets their Florida grandparents to see each movie.

Let us know if you want us to activate/maintain your link for this purpose.

Or if you only want the program as a local social event - we can turn off the link...and unregister your organization from updates. We understand if you have different expectations and we support whatever works best for your community. We are grateful that you found us, and apologize we could not do more for your cause at this time. 

(That said, it costs nothing for the school to have this link—so we recommend trying it nationally. You might just be surprised...)  

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