I'm in charge - What's next?

First off, you are amazing! Thank you for choosing FilmRaiser to help your cause. We work for you now.

In short—this will be the EASIEST event you ever participate in. You will need to:
  • Pick a club or cause—to benefit from the FilmRaiser.
  • Get any permissions—clear the event with admin.
  • Assemble a team to help you outreach—and to promote the movie weekend.


Make a list of people you want to see thereand reach people directly, on the phone or in person. 
You can start with an email. Then text and call. 

t's just like planning a birthday party—if you invite people personally and check on them—they will come. Make an actual guest list then invite and follow up—so many people will buy tickets—you will be golden!!

FYI: Twitter + Facebook = FAIL. Social media does NOT make anyone attend. These are still useful tools to host event info so people can lookup dates & links etc. - but you have to phone, text and email people to show up. Or it'll be a lonely weekend...

Sounds super analog—BUT IT WORKS!

FINALLY: Tell us whom to make the check payable to. And where to send it. 

That is it!!

Enjoy the weekend—then look to see which Hollywood film is premiering next with FilmRaiser!

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