Our sales seem low. : (

1) You're amazing. 

2) You're going to be heroes in this program. We know it. 

But if sales seem lower than expected—t
here are usually a few very normal reasons why:
  • It may have been your promotion leaned more heavily on social media than by chatting people directly in person or by phone and email? 
  • It's also very normal with online behavior to see that not everyone who visits a website clicks through to purchase. 

Regardless—the more FilmRaisers an organization has—the higher their sales climb! Every time. And with less eyeballs wondering off online... oh the Internet is an endless temptress...

To help you dominate the box office—here is a golden list of all our best secrets to having huge sales:

We are confident your cause is going to do extremely well with this program.

See you at the movies!

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