No more advanced screenings.

FilmRaiser has evolved over the years to be more rewarding and inclusive for schools. We began as a company that offered advance screenings of new movies to schools as fundraisers—but studios couldn't provide more than 25 screenings—feeling it reduced their opening weekend results. 

Meanwhile, our program has grown to include over 8,000 schools! Few of whom were getting any events...

Working together with the studios, we developed a new model which now works for everyone.

Advance screenings offered the novelty of seeing a film before anyone—BUT the number of events were low and you were only allowed to fill one theater (i.e. 200 seats)—and at a fixed showtime.

Now with FilmRaiser—Schools earn 10% of UNLIMITED TICKETS, at 4-5 shows a day, for 3-4 days over of opening weekend. And at ANY theater in the country, wherever the school's unique code is used on Fandango to purchase tickets.

It's a giant win for everyone! : )

...of course it took us seven years figure that out!

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