Our sales were incredible!! Why? : )

"Our sales were HUGE - how did that happen??"

That's awesome. Here's what you likely did right:
  • You made a guest list - like you would for a birthday party. 
  • Then invited people and followed up—almost everyone will buy tickets if you do!
  • You reached these people DIRECTLY. One-on-one. In person or on the phone. And by text and email.
  • You contacted friends and family in other cities to see the movie—because your link works across the country!

...and you used some social media but didn't rely on it. (Because Twitter & Facebook fail to make people show up). 

Every previous FilmRaiser has shown us—that these are foolproof ways to score! BRAVO!!

( you see what we did there? Nice, right? #fulltransparency)

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