Promoting The Movie

#1 Key to SUCCESS!

Want HUGE sales? Every previous FilmRaiser has shown us—the absolute most effective technique to get people to buy tickets—is to reach people DIRECTLY. In person or on the phone. And by text and email. Make...

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How do people buy tickets?

1) Send your supporters to 2) When they will select your school or cause—a Fandango link will pop up. 3) Tickets bought on Fandango through that web link track back to your organization! ...

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How much time do we get to promote?

We prefer to let organizations know about upcoming films with several weeks notice—so you have time to prepare. You will generally have 2-3 weeks to promote a movie weekend. Which is plenty. The real advantage...

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What new movies are coming up?

All upcoming films are listed on the FilmRaiser website. And we will also email you every month or so with that list. We are constantly harassing studios for their best new movies. So definitely be on the look...

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I'm in charge - What's next?

First off, you are amazing! Thank you for choosing FilmRaiser to help your cause. We work for you now. In short—this will be the EASIEST event you ever participate in. You will need to: Pick a club or cause...

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We didn't receive our movie poster.

Sorry about that. Easily fixed. Email us here and we will resend it - also - if you have an alternate email address, we can try that too. The internet likes to eat our emails sometimes...and we might be hiding...

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