Tech Issues

Typos, Missing / Duplicate Organizations - in the Search List.

Damn. Why did we outsource our data entry to ponies... #hooves #heavytype If you found a typo in the name of your organization - or see it accidentally listed twice - email us right away. We'll put our best mo...

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We signed up for FilmRaiser but never heard back.

THANK YOU CHECKING IN! - We miss you too!! Our emails are delicious. The Internet oftentimes eats the amazing announcements we send out. Perhaps we are hiding in your spam/promotion folders?? Or maybe we got b...

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Does Fandango work in our city?

That's a critical question, thank you for asking! Let's take a look: To see if Fandango sells tickets to your local theaters—enter your ZIP CODE into the theater search on, and check that you can ...

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Fandango doesn't work in our city - can we still participate?

We rely on Fandango's tracking ability to verify ticket purchases... Regrettably—if the closest movie theater in your city does not sell tickets on Fandango, then their website is only good for finding showtim...

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Tickets are not available online yet?

If online ticket sales in your area have not opened up yet—that is extremely normal, albeit frustrating. Sorry for that. It's totally normal though—movie tickets for new releases aren't generally on sale until ...

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How do we avoid Fandango fees?

Thank you for this important question. We strive to make FilmRaiser SIMPLE. SAFE. SECURE. And INCLUSIVE. The sum of these requires us to rely on a trusted ticketing service like Fandango. It's the most reliab...

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